K im Kinrade is the bestselling author of Ice Break, Beneath the Plains of Abraham, The Millennium Man, The Polar Track, Brian Jones' Diary, Road Food, The Salient: A Novel of the Great War and Rockets of the Reich.

Born and raised in Kimberley, British Columbia, on the B.C. side of the Canadian Rockies, Kim studied Political Science at the University of British Columbia. After graduating he went into music professionally where he produced an album and two singles. Still in the music business Kim has written 8 books and has  two more for release in early 2015.

Retired Major-General Lewis Mackenzie Review's Kim Kinrade's Novel "Beneath the Plains of Abraham"

Rockets Of The Third Reich
"For anyone who remembers the WWII classic the Eagle has Landed it will be impossible not to compare. Both present the dichotomy of the professional German soldier (a paratrooper in the Higgins book, a U Boat commander here) who fights for the homeland as his duty but is far from barbaric and the political SS/Gestapo men. it doesn't reach the mastery of the classic but it is an enjoyable read..

Canadian Thriller
"Ice Break is an exciting adventure that takes place in the Canadian Arctic. It has well developed characters and a good pace. As a Canadian I appreciated the setting and the details of Canadian military operations. Over all a fun read".
J. S. Bird

Action Packed
"Kindle Edition I totally enjoyed this action pack adventure. The story was fast paced and constantly growing. It never lost my interest. The charactors were strong and easy to identify with. It was a hard book to put down".
Larry B. Gray

Kim Kinrade’s Ice Break 20th Anniversary Edition Now Available on Amazon

Maritime Terror!
The maiden voyage of the world’s largest icebreaker, billed as a “short VIP cruise,” turns into a long nightmare as armed, environmental terrorists hijack the CCGS Canadian and use it to destroy European fishing boats on the Grand Banks causing hundreds of casualties.

Cpl. Charles Stanley Kinrade - Vimy Ridge Veteran

kinrade, vimy ridge

My grandfather, Charles Stanley Kinrade, joined the Canadian army in 1916 in Trail, B.C. where he was a company painter. At 32 he was deemed to be too old to be in a fighting unit so joined up with the 1st Canadian Overseas Pioneer Detail. He arrived in England June 29th, 1916 and his unit was immediately shipped across to France to join the Somme offensive where he was involved with digging trenches, bringing up shells, burial details and the such.

Why Canadians Revere the Battle of Vimy Ridge: April 9, 1917

great war, kinrade

Sunday, April 9th will be the 100th Anniversary of the assault on Vimy Ridge in the Nord-Pas-de-Calaise and Arras region of France. On a snowy, Easter Monday morning, for the first time in the Great War, four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force attacked a fortified German position as a fighting unit. When the day was barely halfway through the main German stronghold on the top of the ridge had been taken and its defenders killed, captured or fleeing in disarray.

The Millennium Man

War Hero or Murderer?

Indicted for murder in one of the worst crimes against the Northwest Mounted Police in their history, 16 year-old Harley Melanson escapes to join the Canadian army, which is heading off to fight in the mud of Flanders.  Behind him is Robert DeWolfe, an inspector with the newly-formed Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who is one step behind him in, what eventually turns out to be, an 84 year chase.